As we all move on to the online environment for the things we need and want, every body wants assurance of recourse in case something goes not as expected with their purchase. The most simple part of this entire return policy to remember is everything is solvable and can be resolved within 4 weeks.

   If you receive your order and there is a flaw, misprint or some other Physical irregularity, Contact Lizard Head immediately.

   If you receive your order and there is a problem with an unforeseen attribute such as you feeling the size is not right, or that the color is not what you expected. Contact Lizard Head immediately.

    If you ordered product that never arrives but the carrier says it was delivered correctly. Contact Lizard Head immediately.

   If you ordered product but the failure of delivery is due to your entering mis-information at the time of order, Contact Lizard Head Immediately. The cost of re-shipping the order will be charged to the account originally used at time of order.

  Lost orders, those that never arrive and carrier has no evidence stating otherwise. you must Contact Lizard Head within 4 weeks after original estimated delivery date, after which, all claims are null.