Lizard Head Artisan Marketplace is an extension of the creativity and expression that I put out into the world for others to enjoy, hopefully they DO enjoy it. TOLE studios is my Art Studio that I use to offer my paintings, Art and other living space arts.

  Over trime I decided to return to doing apparel art, and when I did make that choice, I decided to return to a name I used many years ago when doing artwork while in the screen-printing industry, that name being Lizard Head Artisan Wear.

  I first started in the Apparel industry while just a young man in the mid 1980's. Then, doing graphics in the pre-computerised era was a far more time consuming process, but I loved it!. over the next few decades, I pursued a different career as computers became a more viable solution in the graphics industry.

  Recently I have taken all that I have learned and returned to my roots. Spending my time painting, Art and also creating for my clients. I formed TOLE Studio and then eventually Lizard Head as outlets to reach the people directly.

  I hope you can find something you just can't live out while online at Lizard Head. It is my hope you find the answers to all your questions, if not, contact me, feel assured I am here 24/7 to take care of ANY concerns you may have regarding your purchase.

TOLE Studios and obviously, LIZARD HEAD are located in the Mesa, Arizona.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me anytime:





Thomas Willette
TOLE Studios / Lizard Head Artisan MarketPlace
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